Picture taken by Morgan Troup.

Mrs. Scott had brought in thirty chicken eggs a while ago, and recently nine of them had hatched. Many of the Biology students had given them names such as Todd, Amar, Dippy, and Penguin.

Out of thirty, twenty-one were “duds” meaning they died in the egg, so they never ended up hatching. Mrs. Scott, on Thursday, got rid of all the duds.

The ones that have hatched are all going to a new home together that was previously arranged.

She plans to bring eggs every year because the kids enjoy observing and playing with the chicks.

“I think it’s worth doing just to see [the kids] so excited, and it’s always surprising to see how many people haven’t seen or hold a baby chicken,” stated Mrs. Scott.

Sophomore Syd Parker stated, “They are so cute! I’m so glad I got to help name one, and I hope that they are happy to where ever they go after they leave.”

Since they will be too big for their box soon, Tuesday will most likely be their last day here at Field High, so make sure to take another peek at these cuties!

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