Aladdin: The Musical; Follow Up With the Cast

This past weekend, Field High School Drama Club put on their production of Aladdin. Everything went smoothly and the cast and crew were pleased with the final product.

Kayla McLeod explains, “With our production of Aladdin we took a relatively easy play to do and made it into a challenge. I think we did a pretty good job with it.”

They did a great job with it, bringing in a lot of profit from sales, a volunteer bake sale, and the 50/50. Which is enough to help improve their equipment and get better lighting.

With this past production however, the current drama director, Kristen Luchka, announced that it would be her last production with the students.

A few Seniors and Juniors express their opinion on her leaving:

Kayla McLeod (Junior) states, “It’s sad to see the director I started off [drama club] with, leaving.”

Austin Ord (Senior) explains, “I’m sad to see her go, but I’m optimistic for the future.”

Valen Spangler (Senior) says in an Iago voice, a reference to their last performance as seniors, “Well she’s not here now.”

Many of the current students are sad as well, but most are excited to meet the next director and find out what the fall play will be.

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