Famous In Love

Famous In Love

Image result for famous in loveWriter and producer Marlene King teamed-up with Rebecca Serle, the author of “Famous in Love” to create the freeform series.

Originally, Bella Throne fell in love with the book first back in 2010 when she was still on the set of Shake It Up. She then went on to convince her manager to talk to his close friend, Marlene King, about turning it into a show after she wrapped Pretty Little Liars.

In “FIL”, college student Paige Towsen is convinced by her best friends; Cassie and Jake, to go audition at Gold Brothers Studios for a movie by the name of “Locked”. Out of the nationwide talent search for “August,” the movie’s main character, Paige is the one to land the part.


The movie that takes place in FIL’s “Locked,”  includes the characters

Image from Tumblr
August Roche, Noah Greer, Ed Con, and Maggie are portreyed by Bella, Carter, Keith, and Niki.

However, it is up to you to find out if Paige can balance her school work with her passion, if she can handle her new life, and who she’ll choose in a love triangle-like relationship. The series is now available on Hulu, and the Freeform App, as well as airing on TV.

Bella Throne- Paige Townsen

Georgie Flores- Cassandra Perkins 










Image result for famous in love poster
Charlie DePew- Jake Salt





Carter Jenkins- Rainer Devon

Keith Power- Jordan Wilder









Niki Kloss- Alexis Glenn

Pepi Sonuga- Tangey Turner

Images from Just Jared Jr website.


Feature image from: Imdb
Info from: Imdb, Freeform, Build series

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