Travel the French-speaking world!

An exciting showcase will take place Wednesday, May 17th featuring Madame Stratton’s exceptional French classes! One may remember the spectacular from last year, “A Tour Around France”, and while they share a few similarities, this new project will focus more on the general language, and how it’s culture affects the countries around it,  instead of interesting places unique to the region of France. 

As always, Madame will incorporate interesting tidbits into the occasion, this year’s special topic will be the different foods of these regions! 

“Each [group] had their choice of a country to explore based on that country’s French roots!” 

A map of the counties that routinely speak French. Image from the BBC education page.

After pausing for a moment, she then gleefully added, “I’m very excited to try all of the food, my students have worked hard to prepare!” 

About 15 students have decided to take part, and by doing so, they will earn extra credit in the classroom. Even if you don’t turn in a project, if you attend the tour, you can still receive a little bit of extra credit! 

So join the community from 6:30 to 8:00 pm on May 17th for an intriguing experience. If you have questions, speak to Madame Stratton! 

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