Softball is Coming to an End!

The softball season is coming to an end. The girls season did not end how they planned on it ending. The team had a by the first round of the tournament which is just like they won their first game. The second game they played Springfield at home and ended up losing 1-2. The girls did not think this would be their last tournament game nor did they think it was going to be easy to win. They also beat Springfield twice already that season, and beating a team three times is very hard to do.

“The tournament game is over with and there is nothing we can do about it. We need to move on and concentrate on winning these next two games,” states senior Sammy Eckhart.

The team still have two league games that they have to make up to finish the rest of their season. In softball the last game usually played is a tournament game. But with all the rain delys they have had, the team will end their season playing a regualar make up game.

Come out and support the falcons as they play Woodridge, May 17th at home at 4:15 and on Thursday May 18th as they play Cloverleaf also at home for their last game! Go Falcons!


Picture from field local schools

Picture from Sammy Eckhart twitter

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