Sophomore Spotlight: Isaiah Prather 

Photos from instagram: @pratherbby 

Field high school sophomore, Isaiah Prather is marking his path at Field in a different way. 

Isaiah is one of the few students who attend Field that wishes more people had school spirit. Isaiah takes true pride in Field and our athletic program. 

“School Spirit is such a huge deal for me. Our school has been constantly losing spirit and just pushing away the fact that we need it to be a stronger class. School spirit brings the school way closer as a family. ” Prather stated. 

Currently Isaiah is involved in Football and Track. He even participates in a winter league to help better his track abilities. 

Prather’s favorite sport is throwing disc. When asked why, Isaiah responded:

“I just love the feeling I get when I go through the technique perfectly and have one of my best throws.” 

Isaiah truly cares about how he performs on and off the field, seeing as he has turned his passion for music into a full time job recording bands. 

Isaiah looks to his parents to help him through all this madness. They’ve taught him a good work ethic and how hard work can achieve any goal. 

“They were raised in a not so great environment and didn’t really have the chance to do the things they wanted to, so they made it a goal for us to be able to get to do those things by working hard.”

Isaiah has learned to work hard to achieve the things he want, which makes the end result so much better.

Isaiah is the one to always be in the weight room helping other students out. He is always the one to be bettering himself.

He has a true sense of pride in our school that not many people have. Which is why more people should look to him for inspiration on how to be a true student athlete. 

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