Artist Spotlight: Erika Scott

Today’s artist worthy of the spotlight is Field Junior, Erika Scott.

“I work with acrylic paint a lot, but I like watercolor too,” Erika mentions when asked about what her favorite tools of the trade were. Her art, located around the school in the form of many ceiling tiles and pieces in the displayed areas, gives off a warm feeling in the building.

“My ceiling tiles kind of focus a little more on ‘cartoon-y’, just to brighten up the school a bit more I guess,” Erika continues.

Erika’s work is superbly done, as she has mastered many different styles and mediums. Her work expresses many unique viewpoints!

When asked where her inspiration comes from, Erika states, “I get a lot of stuff from Pinterest, but Elise actually helps me with a lot of them. She gives me a lot of ideas and helps me find them”

Erika’s ceiling tiles usually take from three days up to two weeks depending on how detailed they are.

“Erika can make a ceiling tile in two days and it will still have the same quality of someone who has spent a month on it,” Mr. Kline commented while discussing how incredible of an artist Erika is.

Field sophomore Morgan Troup commented on the subject, “They’re so fun to look at! I’m amazed at how many there are! Sometimes I have to crack my neck up to look at the tiles but it’s so worth it.”

When asked about her plans for the future, Erika announced, “I’ve been debating, but I’m not sure if I want to go into art or not, but if I do I’d probably want to be an art teacher.” With a bright future ahead of her, Erika has left her mark on this school!

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