Summer Throwing Team

Track and Field is one of those sports that is a year round sport.

You’ll never hear of an elite state-level athlete only practicing when it’s spring time.

Mr. Miller and Mr. Wetzel are having throwing practices for the shotput and discus events this summer in the morning. 

In these practices you will have an hour lifting schedule which will build the strength you need to be competitive in your event as well as teaching proper technique for lifts to prevent injury.

The second half of the practices will be for learning proper throwing technique and making sure you keep the technique fresh in your muscle. The coaches want the athletes to prepare for competition time (districts, regionals and states) at the end of your next track season.

“In an event like discus, inches make the biggest difference. The smallest things could make a difference of 20 ft or more. So unless you consistently practice you won’t be able to narrow down your issues and fix them if you don’t work year round,” says Mr. Miller.

We hope to see the Field HS and MS throwers making their way out in the morning throughout the summer to work on becoming a better competitor in the shotput and discus.

Picture Credit: @pratherbby & @semler_ryan on Twitter.

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