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McDonalds is a staple for food restaurants, known for their “i’m lovin’ it,” jingle. However, it is not common knowledge that they deliver. Although only in select locations, it is a convenient service that is free in at least one location. McDelivery began in 1993 and is available in many countries. Usually carried on motorcycle, an order can be placed online then brought twenty-four hours a day. Available from as far back as 1993 in Virginia, the plan was cancelled in 2002 but may plan to return soon. Many people have different opinions of this idea.

“It is a smart move on McDonald’s part and I may use it from time to time,” Kayla McLeod states.

It is agreeable that McDonalds is the best when hot and fresh. However, if deciding to deliver, McDonalds may not be as good in this case. It would not be as hot, especially since delivered on motorcycles. If someone does not have a car, though, this service would be extremely convenient and worth it. While opinions vary, the idea is still promising.

Although not available currently and will not be in all locations at first, keep an eye out for McDelivery.

Information from CNBC News

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