2017 Volleyball Season

Some changes will be made this upcoming 2017 volleyball season. Former volleyball coach of 18 years, Coach Ward, will be retiring and passing the baton to Mrs. Dyer and Mrs. Mauger.

When asked what her thoughts were about retiring and what she will miss the most Coach Ward responded,”I won’t miss all the paperwork, but I will definitely miss the excitement and all of the players.”

Coach Ward coached for 18 years for Field’s volleyball team and throughout those years she coached the team to become PTC Champs 3 times, went to regionals 3 times, went to regional finals 1 time, and were District Champs 3 times. Out of all of those accomplishments, Ward’s favorite memory was going 24-1 one season. With all of her hard work, Ward was awarded Coach of the Year twice for the touchdown club which includes Summit and Portage County.

Coach Ward has left such a huge impact on the volleyball program here at Field High School and her hard work as a coach will forever be remembered.

“I am excited and look forward to working with all the girls and building off the strong program Coach Ward has set,” Mrs. Dyer said when asked what her thoughts are about becoming the new coach. Mrs. Dyer played volleyball in high school and had a scholarship to play either volleyball or softball in college. She chose softball but with her volleyball career in high school she has plenty of knowledge of the sport in order to coach this upcoming season.

Mrs. Mauger will also be coaching this upcoming season for the Freshman volleyball team. Mauger has coached in previous years and says she is excited to be back coaching.

The volleyball team was lucky to have Coach Ward for so many years and to have her build such a strong program. As the program says goodbye to a great coach, Field’s Volleyball team welcomes Coach Dyer and Mauger. Good Luck to the 2017 Volleyball Team!


Info from interviews with Coach Ward, Mrs. Dyer, and Mrs. Mauger.

image from http://www.clipartof.com

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