Graduation Is Here 

You sit in a classroom with the same kids for 12 years, then one day you’re all walking across the stage having to say goodbye. Graduation is getting closer. 
Most students throughout their school years constantly want it to end, but when the day comes to actually be done you don’t know where the time went. 
After high school everyone spreads out. Some go to college with some being closer than others and some stay in our small town. 

Going into that new chapter of your life can be scary, but that’s why you were here to meet the people you do, to figure out who you are and who you still want to become. 

I asked Senior Alivia Drake how she felt about high school coming to an end. 

“I feel sad but I feel as if me and my friends will all stay close” she responded. 

Don’t take the time you have now in high school for granted, and make sure to enjoy the time you have. 

Also, make sure you come to the 2017 graduation on June 5, 2017 at Ej Thomas Hall at 7:30. Goodluck seniors, thank you for leaving your mark! 

PC: graduation.jpg

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