The Memorial Day Parade!

It’s that time of year again, where streets and back roads in little old Suffield clear out and prepare for miles of ongoing motor and foot traffic! Every year on this upcoming weekend, clubs, organizations, sport teams and parade enthusiasts participate in Suffield township’s annual Memorial Day Parade, sponsered by the Suffield league. This magnificent event will begin from Waterloo Road and go past the town center, fire department, and the elementary school.

An old photo of the marching band during the parade. Photo taken by the Record Courier.

As always, Field High School’s very own Royal Gardsmen Marching Band will participate in the event. The head director, Mr. Charles Collins, will oversee the route while Ryan Evans, the field commander, will conduct the band. In preparation for the event, the band has been working through a piece of music titled “Never my love”, which they had to memorize in one week.

Mr. Collins stated, “I feel as if we are ready, it’s a talented group of students with a fantastic graduating class. This parade is the seniors’ last band activity, so there’s bound to be some tears.” 

The true meaning behind the parade is to honor national veterans and hometown heroes that have served our country. As long as we participate in the parade as a community, they will never be forgotten. 

A Suffield fire engine. Photo taken by Scott Leslie.

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