Artist Spotlight: Nia Wolf

Today’s artist is Field sophomore Nia Wolf!

Nia has been drawing, as she mentions, “Ever since I could pick up a pencil.” Her art is very unique and shows off her amazing talent and knowledge of human proportions.

“I try to draw mostly realistic,” Nia states, “but abstract is always fun!”

Nia’s favorite medium is colored pencil but she enjoys working in any medium. Her work, depending on how detailed, ranges from 45-120 minutes as she works on it during class time. Each piece is very lively and exciting to look at! She manages to capture a lot of tiny details and a lot of human features that make it so very life-like.

“I dig how she draws humans,” sophomore Abby Mortimer comments. “She spends a lot of time on her art and it really shows.”

“I enjoy being able to express my feelings in my art and find it to be a great stress reliever,” Nia explains,”My advice [for new artists] would be to create whatever makes you happy and practice really does go along way!”

Nia’s own inspiration for her art comes from her family.

“I grew up with artistic parents,” Nia states. “We drew cartoons together, like the Powerpuff girl, Dragontails, Oswald, and Spongebob.”

Nia plans to go to Kent State for her art, and her goal in life is to be able to have her own solo art show. With her great talent and inspiring personality, Nia is definitely on her way to a successful career in art!




































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