End of Year Exams

Exam Key Shows Examination Exams Or Web Test
Image from the Health Science Counseling Website.

As final exams creep closer, students have been trying to study to the best of their abilities. Some teachers, however, are going an alternate route and having their students present a speech or interview for their final.

Mrs. Sanzone is one of these teachers. The speech has to be based off of the book 1984, by George Orwell. In said book, there are people know as ‘proles’ who are not that intelligent. The speech has to try and persuade them to rebel, but not outright. The speech has to contain satirical elements such as sarcasm and irony.

“The second semester has been centered on satire and dystopia,” Mrs. Sanzone stated, “so the final project brings all these elements together. It requires critical and creative thinking.” She also mentioned that she thought speeches are fun, but I’m sure not many students will agree.

Senora Baker is also giving an oral part of the final. It involves a ten question interview, which all responses are required to be in complete sentences.

Most teachers aren’t giving oral portions, though. Either way, good luck on your exams and have a great summer!

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