1984 Projects and Presentations

For the past two weeks, Mrs. Sanzone’s Honors English classes have been working a slue of different projects based on the book 1984 by George Orwell. These projects range from a poster based on “Hate Week,” a concept in the book where the people in certain cities gather and watch POW’s (Prisoners of War) get carried away in trucks, to a presentation where one half of the class teaches the other half of the class one of the chapters from a book being read by the main character in 1984.

All of these projects have turned out really well and the students have enjoyed working on them for the most part. “Doing the poster was actually kind of fun, and a lot of them turned out great,” explains Syd Parker, “When we presented the other project, it gave me an idea of what it is like to be a teacher.”

Photo on Left done by Syd Parker. Photo on Right taken by Brice Sweazy and done by several artists

Mrs. Sanzone explained the background to these projects, she stated, “As we’ve been reading 1984, the honors classes have been assigned various mini-projects, including the “Hate Week” posters showcased in the A4 hallway. The students turned in impressive posters overall! They are very creative + really seemed to put themselves in the shoe’s of the society members. As a bonus, I have some very talented artists in my class!”


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