Summer Break

As school comes to a close, only one thing is on the mind, summer vacation. Summer is a time to sit back and relax by the pool, work on getting rid of tan lines, and maybe rock it out at a few concerts. The end of the school year is amazing, and worth doing the

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work of exams. Summer is an all time favorite, and many people agree.

“It’s [Summer] nice to not have school, but sometimes you can get disconnected with all, but a few close friends. Overall, it’s relaxing and it’s a nice break,” Gia Boyd states.

People work and worry less, along with enjoying time with family and friends. There are many things to do in the summer. These activities include bike riding, swimming, hiking, taking a weekend trip to the beach, going to concerts, going to the drive-in, and just driving around with all the windows down, blaring the music.


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When asked her favorite activity Hannah Miterko responded, “I love going to concerts with my friends,”

Although it’s a long school year and exams are stressful, summer is almost here. When exams and work is tough, picture yourself singing along to your favorite band with your favorite people in the best weather!

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