What Could You Be Taking For Granted?

This past Friday,  Everything, Everything was released in theaters. The film takes place in the life of 18 year old Maddy, who has an illness that effects her immune system, therefore preventing her from leaving her home.

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Image from Imdb
Until she met Olly, she didn’t risk stepping one foot outside of her house, but he opened a window for her to explore the world outside. She is unable to do many of the things we take for granted each day, like go to school, a sporting event, or a school dance.

Here are some examples of things that you might think everyone has the chance to take part in, but financial and health reasons might be stopping them.

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Image from Flickr





The ability to even leave the house

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Image from BBC
Ride abord a bus, train, boat, or plane.

(Not everyone can drive either. )

Image result for breath
image from mind body coach


Can breathe on their own

Even the given things in life some people can’t do.


Image result for homeless
Image from Black women of Brazil



Has a permanent house to live in, or any at all

Image result for carrying pile of clothes
Image from Huffington post




Has all kinds of clothes to wear

Image result for dinner table with food
Image from interior design



Food on the table






Image result for swimming in a lake
Image from Mr Hailburton Now
Knows how to swim 








Image result for snow
Image from Blog OUP

Has seen snow




Image result for social media
Image from Marketing Land
Has social media




Image result for the beach
Image from Origin Beach Resort


Has been to the beach/ocean




Image result for amusement park
Image from U Gallery
Has been to an amusement/water park


Image result for water park
Image from Youtube

Image result for camping
Image from Comfortable Boxers Co
Been Camping






Image result for sports
Image from Blog Transparent
Can play sports 






Feature Image from: Slow Robot

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