Cavs and Warriors Meet Again

The Cleveland Cavilers play the Golden State Warriors again this year for the finals. The first final game is tomorrow June first at Golden State, starts at nine at night. The second finals game is also at Golden State and then the following two games will be played at Cleveland.

With how the finals ended last year with the Cavilers winning, Golden State is coming guns blazing and come out strong. The Warriors are at the top of their conference with forty two wins and ten loses. Their record for the whole season is sixty seven wins and fifteen loses. The Cavilers came in second in their conference with thirty five wins and seventeen loses. Their record for the whole season is fifty one wins and thirty one loses.

“I think that the Cleveland Cavilers are going to win in six games,” states sophomore Sydney Piacella.

With looking at these stats you would think a lot of people would predict that the Golden State Warriors would win, but with the outcome of last year people are predicting the Cavilers are going to win.

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