Nettleton Retires After Many Years

Here at Field High School we are having a lot of coaches retire this year. Brenda Ward, girls varsity volleyball coach, Carlene Lungdren, girls varsity tennis coach, and last but not least Craig Nettleton, girls varsity basketball coach. Mr. Nettleton is also retiring from being principle at the high school.

Nettleton has been at Field Local Schools for thirty one years, this includes the middle school and high school. He was a teacher for ten years, the athletic director for eleven years, seven years as the middle school assist principle and then three years as the high school principle. With all of that he has also been head coach at field high school for twenty one years. within these twenty one years he was the boys head coach for fifteen years and the girls head coach for six years.

“I have loved being the girls coach for the last six years. I will really miss not coaching this special group of young ladies but will have some awesome memories to take with me,” states Coach Nettleton.

Some of the activities the girls had fun doing was going to Disney and playing in a tournament down there during winter break, working the fair gates, having breakfast and doing secret Santa at Nettleton’s house, doing little kid camps, do not forget early morning practices when there is no game on Saturday. There is many more things that this group did together with and because of Coach Nettleton.

A lot of people are very upset about Nettleton leaving and not being able to coach anymore. Emma Parsons and Katie Darling are a few that are not happy that their coach is leaving their senior year.

“I am really upset that Nettleton is leaving because he is apart of my second family. This team became my family and it won’t be the same with him gone,” says soon to be senior and captain Katie Darling.

They still have not found the new head girls varsity basketball coach, but they need to find one fast with summer league and lifting coming up soon!



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