Musical Spotlight

For our last issue of Field’s Musical Spotlight, we have chosen Sophomore Tia Nicolacakis!

Throughout her life, Tia has learned how to play five different instruments including the violin, guitar, piano, alto sax and has also dabbled in a greek instrument called the lyra. The lyra is a string style instrument that Tia was first introduced to by her father, whom she describes as “an amazing player.”

Although she is a naturally talented player, Tia owes some of her success to her colorful background.

“I am Greek, so my family loves to party! My mom’s sides is from Tripoli in southern Greece and my dad’s side is from Crete, an island at the very bottom of Greece. My dad got me into music when I was very little.”

Tia and one of her most recent instruments, a guitar. Photo taken by herself.

Aside from participating in her family’s musical activities, Stamatia also plays in Field High’s very own Marching and Symphonic Bands! She has been in band for the past five years, playing the alto sax. During the Marching season, Tia leads her section in terms of marching skill, music talent, and leadership. It’s no question that she thoroughly enjoys the band program, she states:

“My best memory of band is honestly just becoming friends with everyone. Everybody made me feel loved, like I fit in, and like I’m a part of something much bigger than just a high school class. It also really helps to relieve my anxiety, especially during my middle school years.”

Tia can still add more on to her musical resume, she has also played with several youth orchestras, although she didn’t find it to be very interesting.

“I personally didn’t like the orchestras because everything about it was kind of boring. In my opinion, I’m more of a solo musician, but Band is a different story. We’re all a huge family, and I love that.”

Tia’s Eighth grade year of marching band. Photo by LifeTouch.

Tia also has her own YouTube channel where she occasionally records covers of herself playing the violin with her own guitar chords as the backing track. She has recorded renditions of Imagine by John Lennon and Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis, along with a Hungarian dance tune.

Once she graduates from Field, Tia plans to major in musical performance and minor in music education. She is currently undecided on where she will attend college.

As for a piece of advice for aspiring musicians, she states, “No matter how much you hate scales, practice them. They will help you tremendously.”

Information from Tia Nicolacakis and the Ancient History Encyclopedia website.

Featured image taken by herself.

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