Artist Spotlight: The End


There are plenty of amazing artists throughout this school and while not all were interviewed and given the proper spotlight they deserved, there were a few who were. These artists have done many creative things throughout the year and hopefully will continue with their creative endeavors over the summer. So we asked the general question of “what are your summer plans?” And these are their stories…


“I plan to focus on my writing over my art,” Morgan Troup responded, “but I do plan to work on character designs and other kind of scenes from by book…” Morgan has been working a lot on her many stories and has had a lot of creative ideas. “I hope to finish one of my stories over the summer.”

Elizabeth Cook is our next artist. She has been doing a lot in art class and has made a lot of nice realistic like pieces. “I’m planning on working on a 48×36 of a Magikarp [from pokemon]” she mentioned.


“I’d like to look into animation programs,” Gillian Dean stated, “and I’d like to further my own skills with proportions.” Gillian has a very unique style and Abby Mortimer commented while looking at her new pieces, “It looks like it came right out of a show! It’s very polished and nice to look at.”


Another amazing artist we’ve had this year has been Erika Scott. “I’ll be working on what ever project comes around,” she mentioned. Her art has been widely recognized throughout the year and many hope she’ll keep up with her ceiling tiles in her senior year.


“I’m probably going to end up drawing a lot of nature stuff over the summer.” Sarah Kuntzman replied. She has been drawing a lot of humans and figuring out proportions this year and it will be exciting to view her new art focus!


“I plan on going to multiple art shows to sell my art,” Amanda Stayer stated. She has had a lot of success with her art this year and had even received a 250 dollar grant for the art department and became a finalist at the portage show. “I’m [also] going to paint a mural for my grandfather.” Amanda has been extremely busy with her art this year and has gained a lot of great skills!


Another artist who plans on going to the portage art show next year is Sydney Kubitza! “I plan on working on pieces for next year.” Sydney mentioned.


Abby Mighton when asked about her summer plans replied with, “Sleep all day, draw all night.” She has been working on many traditional drawings this year and has made a lot of interesting characters!

“I plan to get more art art out of myself,” Gracie Cozart stated, “and push myself for better quality.” Grace has done many unique drawings this year and it will be exciting to see what she brings to the table in the following years!

pictures taken by Gracie Cozart

“This summer I plan to increase my drive to finish my art work,” Kyleigh Moore mentions, “because once I start I have a hard time finishing, so I plan to stay motivated.”


Grace Anderson is another fantastic artist who’s been in the spotlight this year and she has a busy summer in mind! “I’m going to Georgia and I’m going to be finishing up my dad’s sleeves [arm tattoo] and looking for an apprenticeship.”


“I hope to be doing more artwork and getting better with new skills and techniques,” Danielle Pusker commented. She’s been quite busy this year with sports and school and looks forward to having more time for her art projects.


“I’m planning on working on more digital pieces over the summer,” Valen Spangler replied. She has done a lot of new pieces this year and will hopefully keep up with more art in the future!

Sydney Fruedeman plans on painting on more canvases this year and working on polishing her amazing drawing skills.


Livia Coduto is another fa-nominal artist that has been interviewed this year! “My art plans for the summer are to do at least a drawing a day, improve on anatomy and proportions, and find a solid “style” for myself.” She has done many fantastic pieces this year and it will be exciting to see what else she does next year!

“I’ll probably just do light sketches to practice and get better.” Camryn Ailes commented. “I love the bright colors used in her art!” Brice Sweasy mentioned.

“I’m working at the zoo this summer,” Kimberly Griggy, “So I’ll be doing a lot of face painting. I’m also working on some art for art in the park!”


“I plan to work on my sewing skills over the summer and add more prints to my Redbubble shop,” Miranda Evans replied. To see some of her great skills you can visit her page here!

“I’m finishing a blanket I started and I also plan to recreate several fashions I have found online,” Toni Houses mentions.

“I have a festival at the church and I have to make a bunch of stuffed animals for the craft booth,” Gabby Wyslutsky stated,”During the summer I also plan to work on intricate friendship bracelets.”


“I plan to practice more with realism and practice with different mediums I haven’t used before,” Nia Wolf commented. She has done a lot this year with her art such as going to the Portage art show and doing many things in the art room.


“I plan to do a few portraits to practice more,” Lyvia Fruedeman stated. she has been working a couple of ceiling tiles this year and will hopefully be keeping up the good work next year!


“I guess I’m planning a lot of stuff with watercolor since it’s my latest obsession,” Austin Ord revealed, “I think I’ll do abstract.” Austin has been busy with many things this year as he did a lot in drama and a lot of art for the art room. And while we won’t see him as much next year, it’s positive that we should expect to see more from him in the future.

This has been an exciting year filled with many talented individuals who helped give the school a face lift and showcase their amazing talents as artists. I hope everyone has been as inspired by these creative minds as much as I have been!



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