12 things to do in Northeast Ohio 

Summer is here, and the fun starts now!Get out the pool and enjoy a lot of cook outs. If you’re looking for some family friendly activities to do this summer, then this is the article for you.

Go to a  outdoor water park there is so many to chose from in Ohio.Pack a picnic, grab your towels, don’t forget your sunscreen and have fun cooling off.

Plan a whole day trip and head off to Atwood Lake Beach, there are many inflatables in the lake so everyone in the family will be happy and satisfied.Or just go to any of the beach lakes around.

On the hottest of days sometimes you don’t want to be out side so beat the heat and go to the movies many theaters have specials so the cost could be from ($1-$4).

Or you can wait till the sun goes down and go to the drive in movie theater you can bring a blanket and watch the movie from the grass (don’t forget a blanket on the chilly summer nights) or just sit in your car and enjoy a movie or two.

If you have a dog (or dogs) take them to a dog park have them run around and have your dog be social and you can meet new people as well 

Get out your bike and go to any of the parks with the bike trail.Don’t forget your helmet! 

Go hiking at any of the metro parks like The Gorge,Goodyear, Wingfoot, and many more.

Go starberry picking or you can go to your local Farmers Market and support your farmers.

See the animals at the Akron or Cleveland zoo.

Go to a concert a blossom they always have artist from many different genres there just pick one or five! 

Head off to Cedar Point to enjoy some great thrills on all the different roller coasters and other fun rides make some  fun memories you won’t forget with your family.

Go to a museum there are so many here in Ohio but if you want some hands on activities go to Cosi every different exhibit has a hands thing to do to keep you occupied it’s also good for all ages. 

Information from: northeastohiofamilyfun.com

Image from: Funfix.com 

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