Drama Director

Image from the People’s Info Net Website.

The spring musical, Aladdin, turned out to be the Drama Club’s director’s last performance. Kristen Luchka decided to retire from the position, meaning the club is in need of a new head director. Teachers and staff of the schools get first pick, but anyone is welcomed to try out. Talk to the superintendent to find out more about the position.

Kristen was a part of Field’s drama club when she was in high school. Some productions she had a role in was is “Finigan’s Rainbow,” “Harvey,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Allegro,” “Music Man,” and “Oklahoma.” 

She directed productions such as “And a Child Shall Lead,” “Little Mermaid,” “Selfie,” “Mrs. Nelson is Missing,” “Clue,” and “Aladdin,” of course. On her last night she expressed to the members of the club that she had a great time getting to know them and she loved each and every performance she ever did.

When asked about the club she exclaimed, “The thing I love most about Drama Club is that everyone has their place no matter what your background. You can find common ground in Drama Club / Theater.

She has had amazing dedication and compassion for the club and encourages everyone to join the club, even if she won’t direct them. Earlier in the year she mentioned she didn’t see the characters the members were suppose to play on stage, she saw the members as the characters.

“If you’re going to mess up,” she stated, “mess up BIG and with confidence. It’s no longer ‘you’ on that stage acting and reacting.”

Nia Wolf, a member of the stage crew, stated that she was “like a mom to all of us, and really motivated us to work hard.”

“Most of the shows she picked were so much fun to participate in,” Abby Mortimer claimed. “But I am excited to see what our new director will be be like and what kind of shows they will choose.”

She has taught second grade at Brimfield Elementary for eight years, out of the eleven years she has been teaching. She is a reading specialist and teaches second grade.

Also, as a hobby, she enjoys photography! On her webpage for Brimfield schools she wrote that “when I’m not with my kids I always have my camera in my hand.”

Not only is Kristen leaving her position, but Mrs. Kirby is moving her position to Brimfield Elementary Choir, putting the High School Choir and Concert Choir without a director.

Please if you can find a way to help out these clubs and activities, please do so!


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