Since Graduation…

Since her graduation last June, Jordana Gambaccini has been living it up. 

Jordana has traveled all over the east coast of Australia from Sydney to the Whitsunday Islands (A collection of islands in Queensland, Australia). She has even traveled through Spain, France and Italy by car. Sailed around the Caribbean on a catamaran, and has even been to the Dominican not once but twice. 

When I asked Jordana which of all the places she’s traveled was he favorite, she responded:

“My favorite place has been the great barrier reef in Australia because I got to scuba dive with sharks and sea turtles and many fish. And the beaches and waters were so beautiful!”

Jordana has had the opportunity to experience so many different things from different places at such a young age that some don’t even get to experience in their lifetime. That makes her all the more grateful for these opportunities.

Traveling to so many different places has taught Jordana a few things. She’s learned the Americans are obsessed with object things. 

“When I traveled Europe many people didn’t have a lot of possessions. People danced in the streets to random bands and were out and about in the day instead of inside watching TV.”

There’s so many new places to travel and Jordana wants to next visit New Zealand. She has interests in New Zealand because that’s where “The Hobbit” was filmed. But that’s not the only reason, the beautiful sights and endless adventures have also caught her eye. She says she wants to even take it a step further and backpack through the country! 

Jordana says the thing she likes the most about traveling since her graduation last June is that she is allowed to travel alone. It has taught her how to plan out her days and figure out what she is going to eat and where she is going to sleep.

Jordana’s favorite place she has visited in the U.S. is Charleston, South Carolina. She loves how much it reminds her of Europe and feels like Charleston is America’s little piece of Europe. She admires how old everything is and how much history it holds. 

I asked Jordana what advice she has to give a newly graduated young adult. 

“Advice I give to a senior graduating this year is to travel as much as you can this summer. No matter how far or how long. You will learn a lot about yourself and make some great memories!”

Jordana is such an inspiration of how to explore and enjoy life. She has learned how to look at things in a completely different way. Even though she has traveled to such great and beautiful places, she truly enjoys the little things about them. (453)

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