Summer Shades

Summer is best enjoyed outside, now that the sun is out and the weather is warm. For those days of blinding sun, sunglasses are necessary for a fun day outside. However, sunglasses are best worn when they fit the face that is wearing them. In order to best do this, it is good to know what type of sunglasses fit each face shape.

Don’t know your face shape? Click here for comparisons and explanations of each.

There are thousands of different types of sunglasses. However, there are five that are extremely popular, Aviators, Wayfarers, Butterfly and round/partially rimless. Band or shield sunglasses are mentioned for men as well.

ray-ban aviators
Image from Ray-Ban

Aviators, originally founded by Bausch and Lomb in New York, are popular now and found in almost any brand. The best face shape for these shades would be square, oval and heart.

Wayfarers, advertised by Ray-ban, can be any brand squared or rectangular glasses perfect for oval, oblong, and round face shapes. These shades are the staple of the Ray-Ban brand.

Image from

Butterfly shades are big and the sides of the shades fan out, similar to butterfly wings. Square, oval, and heart shaped faces rock these shades the best. These shades are popular in the celebrity world, as they can be big enough to hide a large part of faces, but that only adds to the appeal!

Round or rimless sunglasses can be as broad of a spectrum as half-rimmed, oblong-shaped lens to as straight-forward as circle sunglasses. People with square, oval, diamond and heart-shaped faces easily make these shades look amazing.

Although it may be confusing at first, many people still know about these suggestions, and comment further on it.

“Clearly, certain sunglasses look best on a certain face shape,” Ryleigh Butler states. “Not everyone looks good in every pair of sunglasses but some people look great in anything they put on. I am definitely not one of those people, I pick sunglasses based on what looks good on my face.”

Image from Pinterest

This is true, as research shows that people with oval faces have a face shape to fit any pair of sunglasses, but people should also wear the shades that make them look and feel good.

For more help, click here for a great sunglasses selection based


on a couple questions about you and your face type!

Regardless of your face shape, wear what you think looks best! Find your pair of shades to make your summer rock!

Information and feature image from Sunglasses- Style and Face Shape

URL with articles are from How To Figure Out Your Face Shape Once and For All. Also, from Face Shape

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