The Innovative Idea

“We are a changing society and those who understand those changes and address them are the ones who could see a lot of success.” Proclaimed Mrs. Mauger.

Mrs. Mauger, teacher of Government/Economics and Sociology, had recently assigned a project to all of her Economics students to wrap up the year. While working alone or in groups from two to three, they were to come up with a business idea that had not yet been discovered by mankind. Not only did the idea have to be very creative, but it also had to address an issue in society today. These students have come up with many different unique ideas, some being better and more useful to the community than others. However, coming up with an innovative idea was not the only part of the project. They also were given the requirement of answering a specific list of questions about their company, varying from: targeted consumers, possible competition and specific employees to advertising and financing. After every group in each class presented their creative business idea the classes took an anonymous vote on their opinion of the best ideas. The winning idea from each class, then, would receive extra credit points on the Economics Exam.

Junior Brooklyn Knight viewed this project as a great learning experience on what it takes to become an entrepreneur. “It was an interesting assignment that allowed us to explore our creativity within ourselves while teaching us the somewhat difficult process that a entrepreneur has to go through to get their product into the market.”

With this project, there was a total of 50 available points. For instance, the presentation of the business idea, itself, was half of the project grade. In addition, the questions and advertisement make up the other half.

Mrs. Mauger thought of the idea from the series Shark Tank. If you have never seen Shark Tank, it is a tv show where entrepreneurs show up with a new unique product and try to get one of the “sharks” to invest in their business, along with gaining a certain percent of revenue from that business. In this case, the presented was the entrepreneur and the audience, more known as the rest of the class, was known as the sharks.

Mrs. Mauger states, “In school I feel as though creativity is often overlooked, this provided a unique way to incorporate this overlooked aspect of education in a fun and interesting way.” For instance, creativity is something that everybody has, but not everybody takes advantage of. This way, people can explore their creativity in a different way than in the art room or a culinary class.

Throughout this article you will see pictures of the winners from each of Mrs. Mauger’s Economics classes.

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