The Levy Future for Field

Image found on The Levy Group, Inc. website

Roughly one month ago, Field High School attempted to pass yet another levy. The results came as no surprise to the students as many of them were expecting the levy to fail. As it did when the votes were tallied up.

“It’s not exactly anything new,” explains Junior, Hanna Keys, “We haven’t passed a levy in over twenty years. So why should we be able to pass one now?”

There is a common misconception about these levies however. And we as students feel it is necessary to get the word out about what will happen to our school district if we do not pass a levy next year.

As of right now we are currently trying to pass a levy in order to fix our parking lot and several other small things that have been needing fixing. Yes, this levy will raise taxes, BUT, if we do not pass a levy next year, the state will step in to fund us. And if this happens, our taxes will raise even more than if a levy passes. We can all agree that taxes aren’t great, but if that is the case, we should do whichever gives the lesser amount of taxes to pay.

An article on the Record Courier’s website explains this, “Voters in Brimfield are deciding on a 8.3-mill five-year operating levy for the Field Local School District today. Without the levy, the school district claims it is in danger being placed in Fiscal Watch or Fiscal Emergency by the state.”

The article explains how many people believe that the millage is too high for some senior citizens to afford. While this may be the case for some, if the state takes over, the prices of taxes will be even higher. The article also explains how the majority of people they surveyed are against the levy, but most of them do not realize what will happen if we fail to pass any more levies.

One of the main issues addressed by the past levy was the repairing of the parking lot. It was recently patched as many people were happy about, however, there are many other things that need to be fixed or repaired. Such as our heating system, as well as many window blinds, outdated textbooks, certain pieces of technology that don’t function properly, as well as keeping fine arts classes from leaving our high school. So from all of the students here at Field High School, VOTE YES ON OUR


Information found on the website, click here for more information and surveyed voter’s opinions.

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