Upcoming Senior: Steven Berry 

He from a Wildcat to a Falcon half way through his high school years. Steven Berry has been one happy face to join our Field family.

Here at Field Steven is apart of the football and track team. Steven said “I run track to stay in shape. It’s not my favorite but I don’t like it being busy.” In track this year Steven was rewarded the honorable mention award.

With the football team getting a new coach I asked if the team would be as good as he hopes

“I know a team can always be better but I have confidence that we should be pretty good.”
Goodluck to the team in the fall!

Outside of school Steven is a traveling soul, that only gives positive emotions. On his free time he travels wherever he can. He camps out with friends, climbs trees and can sit around a camp fire for hours.

His past trip he went on a trip into the mountains with former students Nick Karlo and Zane Repzic.

His other hobby is art. He paints from sunsets to aliens it just depends on how he’s feeling. He doesn’t only paint sunsets though. He also photographs them. Steven enjoys taking pictures of the sky, his dog and of course his art.

After Steven graduates in 2018 he will be attending Kent Stark majoring in Photography.

Thank you Steven for showing your smile around Field High for the three years of being here. Goodluck on your senior year and hopefully getting far in the photography world.

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