With Prom Comes Pressure 

With Prom comes pressure. Don’t let others influence you to do bad choices. At Field High School and everywhere else, following yourself is encouraged.  It might be tempting to make bad choices with others on weekends with all these big events happening, but you have to listen to yourself. Remember under aged drinking is a big thing now a days, along with doing drugs. If … Continue reading With Prom Comes Pressure 

Look Back At It: Missy Pedula 

Missy Pedula was Field High schools very own senior officer last year. Now she is graduated and currently studying at Ohio University home of the bobcats.  Although Missy is still trying to figure out how to balance her time, OU took advantage of Missy’s social skills, and smarts with a GPA of above 3.5 welcoming her apart of College Republicans, Alpha Delta Pi, which is … Continue reading Look Back At It: Missy Pedula