Since Graduation…

Since her graduation last June, Jordana Gambaccini has been living it up.  Jordana has traveled all over the east coast of Australia from Sydney to the Whitsunday Islands (A collection of islands in Queensland, Australia). She has even traveled through Spain, France and Italy by car. Sailed around the Caribbean on a catamaran, and has even been to the Dominican not once but twice.  When … Continue reading Since Graduation…

Sophomore Spotlight: Isaiah Prather 

Photos from instagram: @pratherbby  Field high school sophomore, Isaiah Prather is marking his path at Field in a different way.  Isaiah is one of the few students who attend Field that wishes more people had school spirit. Isaiah takes true pride in Field and our athletic program.  “School Spirit is such a huge deal for me. Our school has been constantly losing spirit and just … Continue reading Sophomore Spotlight: Isaiah Prather 

Sophomore Spotlight: Gracie Cozart 

  Field High School Sophomore Gracie Cozart is lighting the path for future Field High students. Being involved in so many activities and programs, Gracie has true Falcon Pride.  Cozart is so involved in soccer she plays year round. She is very involved in a travel team that gets together 6/7 times a week.  As for through the school, Cozart has played soccer for 12 … Continue reading Sophomore Spotlight: Gracie Cozart 

Look back at them: Megan Largent

Last year’s Field High School Graduate Megan Largent is well on her way to her future.  Since Megan’s graduation last June, Megan has chosen to further her education at Kent State University.  Megan is a step ahead and already knows what she will be majoring in, Early Childhood Education.  When asked which she preferred, college or high school, Megan responded: “I loved high school, but … Continue reading Look back at them: Megan Largent

Senior Spotlight: Alex Shanafelt 

  Field high school senior Alex Shanafelt, has participated in cheer at Field for a total of four years. Outside of school Alex has been an All Star Cheerleader at American Elite for nine years.  When asked which of the two was her favorite, Alex responded:  “All star cheer is my favorite because I’ve had to privilege to travel year round doing an competitive sport … Continue reading Senior Spotlight: Alex Shanafelt 

Look back at them: Mitch Johns 

 2016 Field High School graduate Mitchell Johns is now taking the next step towards his future. Since his graduation last June, Johns has taken on the college experience at Walsh University.  Even though Mitch isn’t involved in any extracurricular activities, his schedule is still busy with school, soccer and work. Last summer Mitchell began his job at Swensons.  “I enjoy college a lot more than … Continue reading Look back at them: Mitch Johns 

Look at them now: Riley Coleman 

Last years Field High School graduate, Riley Coleman. Since Riley’s graduation last May, she has attended Notre Dame College in Cleveland. Coleman plays volleyball for Notre Dame and has finished one regular season and is currently in her spring season.  Riley also participates in SAAC which is a student athlete club at Notre Dame. Coleman is involved in FCC (Falcon Christian Community). Riley volunteers at … Continue reading Look at them now: Riley Coleman