The Levy Future for Field

Roughly one month ago, Field High School attempted to pass yet another levy. The results came as no surprise to the students as many of them were expecting the levy to fail. As it did when the votes were tallied up. “It’s not exactly anything new,” explains Junior, Hanna Keys, “We haven’t passed a levy in over twenty years. So why should we be able … Continue reading The Levy Future for Field

1984 Projects and Presentations

For the past two weeks, Mrs. Sanzone’s Honors English classes have been working a slue of different projects based on the book 1984 by George Orwell. These projects range from a poster based on “Hate Week,” a concept in the book where the people in certain cities gather and watch POW’s (Prisoners of War) get carried away in trucks, to a presentation where one half … Continue reading 1984 Projects and Presentations

Aladdin: The Musical; Follow Up With the Cast

This past weekend, Field High School Drama Club put on their production of Aladdin. Everything went smoothly and the cast and crew were pleased with the final product. Kayla McLeod explains, “With our production of Aladdin we took a relatively easy play to do and made it into a challenge. I think we did a pretty good job with it.” They did a great job … Continue reading Aladdin: The Musical; Follow Up With the Cast

Design a Stud Contest

Recently, Student Council has entered the “Design a Stud Contest.” The contest is a competition to design the best 2×4 piece of wood. Summer Day explains, “The winner receives a prize basket. But it is still nice to help the community.” Summer explained what the background to the Contest is. “The whole contest is run by Habitat for Humanity, which is building a house with … Continue reading Design a Stud Contest

FHS Band’s “Pops Concert”

Every Spring season, our high school band begins to practice and learn a set of themed music. This year’s theme is movie soundtracks. The current lineup for the contest this year consists of; “Highlights from Beauty and the Beast,” “Avatar Soundtrack Highlights,” “Bond… James Bond,” and “Glory (from the motion picture ‘Selma’).” Morgan Troup explains this, “It’s basically just movie themes and other songs featured … Continue reading FHS Band’s “Pops Concert”

Reading in Spanish

Spanish classes have started reading a book called “Asesinato en el Barrio Gotico.” However, the book is completely in Spanish! Sra. Baker and Sra. Broski have started their Spanish 2 classes reading this book. Some students like it more than others, but most have generally been enjoying the book. Morgan Troup states, “The book is actually very interesting and I enjoy reading it.” Morgan Troup … Continue reading Reading in Spanish