Boys Shotput Takes 1st At Marlington Relays

The most competitive track and field relays are at Marlington Highschool.  The boys throwing team really had to pull some of their best numbers to place and they really came through.  Matt Albertson (first year thrower) pulled out a great throw out to stary the relays off well. He threw a 35 foot throw which placed him in second in his flight. Ryan Semler pushed … Continue reading Boys Shotput Takes 1st At Marlington Relays

Everything Was Sound Review

Everything Was Sound is an album by the upcoming metal band Silent Planet. Silent Planet is a band who feels they can make their music standout through using real information from around the world to craft a very real feeling song. Garrett their vocalist has made videos with several interviewers in the past discussing the topics in their music before in the past and you … Continue reading Everything Was Sound Review