Artist Spotlight: Marissa Burdeno

Field High School is a school that is filled with a lot of talented students, so many that you may not have even known about. These students deserve to be recognized for their amazing artistic abilities and artistic achievements, so for this edition of Artist Spotlight, we will be looking through the impressive works of junior, Marissa Burdeno. Marissa started to really grasp an appreciation … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Marissa Burdeno

Art Murals

Over the summer, Field High School’s very own art teacher, Mr. Kline, painted various murals around the school. The murals can be found all over the school and have definitely brightened up the halls here at Field. For the past few years, Field has been getting an artistic makeover with different creative projects such as painting ceiling tiles, hallways, and even murals in teachers rooms … Continue reading Art Murals

The Innovative Idea

“We are a changing society and those who understand those changes and address them are the ones who could see a lot of success.” Proclaimed Mrs. Mauger. Mrs. Mauger, teacher of Government/Economics and Sociology, had recently assigned a project to all of her Economics students to wrap up the year. While working alone or in groups from two to three, they were to come up … Continue reading The Innovative Idea

Artist Spotlight: The End

  There are plenty of amazing artists throughout this school and while not all were interviewed and given the proper spotlight they deserved, there were a few who were. These artists have done many creative things throughout the year and hopefully will continue with their creative endeavors over the summer. So we asked the general question of “what are your summer plans?” And these are … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: The End