Chris Cornell: The Loss of a Legend

  On May 17th, beloved rock and grunge legend; Chris Cornell, passed away just hours after playing a show in Detroit, Michigan. A beloved singer of the grunge scene, Cornell made his name known in the 90’s, after being in his band Soundgarden, which was influenced by bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. He also provided vocals for the band Audioslave, after Soundgarden’s split. Fans … Continue reading Chris Cornell: The Loss of a Legend

Monthly TBT: May 2017

  1. Crash Bandicoot   This beloved marsupial caught the eyes of adults and children alike in the late 90’s, appealing to those who enjoy console gaming. Crash Bandicoot; the first game beginning the large and legendary series, just turned 20 years old. In honor of this celebration, the developers of the game decided to remake the original trilogy for Playstation 4, including brand new graphics … Continue reading Monthly TBT: May 2017

Comey’s Unplanned Departure

On Tuesday, President Trump decided to fire FBI director James Comey. However, he isn’t leaving many people feeling surprised. “The Democrats have said some of the worst things about James Comey, including the fact that he should be fired, but now they play so sad!” Trump wrote in a Twitter post after many people became angry upon finding out about the firing of Comey. So, … Continue reading Comey’s Unplanned Departure

2017-18 FHS Color Guard

As summer approaches, the Field High School marching band and color guard will lose many of its members due to graduation, making room for more students to participate in the field. However, you do not need to be able to play an instrument to join. Our color guard is looking for members to join our family, and you could be one of the newest additions … Continue reading 2017-18 FHS Color Guard

Why Should I Pay Attention to the News?

Lately, tensions have risen between the United States, North Korea, Russia, and China, along with many more countries around the globe. However, it is very noticable that people in our society enjoy living in a bubble rather than becoming informed on the serious situations that surround us. Though it is quite nice acting like these situations have yet to concern our safety, staying alert is … Continue reading Why Should I Pay Attention to the News?